Uses for DiO PLUS

Draw it Out Liniment has been relieving horses from every day soreness, swelling and chronic pain issues across the globe. DiO PLUS has been developed to provide you additional support for horses with extensive performance schedules, arthritis, and aid in the healing process from injuries.


Arthritis can develop at any age. Early signs of arthritis is stiffness within joints. Maybe your horse moves a bit easier after a few laps of walking or it takes your horse extra time to loosen up after being stalled. If this is the case, work with a vet to identify the problem areas (possibly through x-rays) discuss using a joint supplements like Exceed-6 Way by MVP prior to injecting if possible. Follow up with regular use of DiO and use DiO plus 3-4x a week in the problem areas. CBD oil in topical form has been proven to reduce stiffness and relieve painful joints. While arthritis comes from degeneration in the joints, reducing inflammation will help slow the process. Reducing if not eliminating pain with DiO PLUS will help keep your horse comfortable and aid in as prevention of compensation, which leads to soreness elsewhere. 

Use in Performance Horses

Since Draw it Out has no active ingredients it is safe to use daily, all week, before and after rides to reduce negative impacts of ever day activities. DiO PLUS will be a great for pre-race routines and post race routines. Unfortunately at a show sometimes horses are stalled on concrete making for aches and pains beyond normal circumstances. Any time a horse is asked to preform at a high level DiO PLUS will help combat inflammation or strains that may occur following an event. Following up with DiO PLUS after any situation where a horse may have been overly strained (I.e. slips, fall, setting back) will help your horse recover quickly.


DiO PLUS is designed to provide your horse with extra anti inflammatory properties and pain relief following injuries. Using DiO PLUS after surgeries, tendon injuries or pulled muscles is ideal. If you can budget in the frequent use of DiO PLUS to help get inflammation out right away for the first two weeks you can then follow up with use of regular DiO to keep it at bay.Plan your use of DiO PLUS to fit in your schedule where exercise is increased or situations occur that could make your horse sore. If you plan to rinse your horses legs off after exercise use regular DiO prior and DiO PLUS after to prevent waste! There is no cure all to soreness and arthritis, but choosing to do something everyday to help reduce inflammation will increase longevity in your horse!