Draw It Out Liniment Gel - Veterinary Strength - Odorless and Colorless - Pain Relief Topical Analgesic Horse Cream for Joint and Muscle Pain - Natural Mineral with CBD

A Peek at Production

We regularly get asked "how is DiO Made?".

Our Ingredients

First things first. Our ingredients are the most important part of the entire process. When we started we spent months sourcing our ingredients to ensure that they were from the USA and exceptional quality. We regularly test these ingredients to ensure that they still meet our expectations. From the water we use to each mineral inside our proprietary blend, we make sure that we are using the absolute best. When we start production on a batch DiO PLUS the first step gathering the ingredients. We do this every time to ensure that the freshest possible ingredients are used. We don't buy in gigantic quantities and let them sit in our warehouse subject to potential spoilage. Throughout our production process we do everything we can to ensure freshness and quality.


After testing is completed we begin to bottle the product. This is a meticulous process that takes place in a clean environment. It takes a few days to get everything bottled and sealed but once completed the batch is then transported to our warehouse and distribution center for order fulfillment. An interesting note about our process is we only produce in small batches. We do this to ensure that product in every shipment is as fresh as possible. Our products have a 3-5yr shelf life before a minimal reduction in potency can occur so we want to make sure that as little of that time as possible is wasted in storage. 


Once we've combined our ingredients into a batch the blending occurs. This is a crucial step in our production. Blend, blend, then blend again. We make sure that each ounce of DiO is going to contain the same amount of ingredients (or at least as close as we can be) to ensure that every time you apply our products you are getting the best possible outcome.


After a batch is combined and blended our testing procedure begins. Lots of "basement brewers" skip this step entirely which can lead to inconsistent products and can be dangerous for your animal. The first thing we do in the testing process is sample the batch. We take samples from varying stages of production to ensure that each step is both working properly and there are no impurities. These samples are tested in house to ensure quality.

Tests we run include:
Composition Analysis
Trace Analysis
Contamination Detection
Purity Analysis

This testing procedure is so important we run them 3 times at a minimum on each batch to ensure nothing leaves our dock that is not up to par. If any of these tests fail the batch is discarded, our process is cleaned and reset, and the entire process begins again. Once a batch has passed our testing procedures we sent the samples to an independent 3rd party lab to run comparable testing procedures. We keep samples of each batch on hand to monitor them as they age and regularly retest to monitor potency.

Final Thoughts

All in all a batch usually takes roughly 6wks to finalize if everything goes perfectly. Occasionally it doesn't and it takes a bit longer but we would much rather take longer in production than put a low quality product on the shelf.