Draw It Out Liniment Gel - Veterinary Strength - Odorless and Colorless - Pain Relief Topical Analgesic Horse Cream for Joint and Muscle Pain - Natural Mineral with CBD


Want to know more about DiO PLUS? You've found the right place!

Does DiO PLUS Contain THC?

Nope. We ensure each bottle of DiO PLUS contains ZERO THC.

Is DiO PLUS Competition Safe?

As of now the USEF & AQHA have deemed any product containing CBD to be ineligdible for use during competition and advise a 7 day withdrawal period before competition.

Where does your CBD come from?

All of our ingredients are locally sourced within the USA.

Do You have a COA?

We do but we do not release this information to the public due to CBD only being a part of our proprietary botanical blend. We work very hard at creating our blends and need to protect them where we can.

Where does your CBD come from?

Our CBD is locally sourced from independent growers within the USA

Does DiO PLUS Tingle?

No DiO PLUS doesn't heat cool or tingle. Horse's don't need local feedback like humans do.

Is DiO PLUS safe under Magnetics.

Only high quality magnets. If you are cautioned about using our products with magnetics it could mean they are of lesser quality. Under most reputable products you will be fine.

Is DiO PLUS Organic?

DiO PLUS is 100% Organic. USA Grown and processed. No chemical processing. No Heavy Metals.

How is DiO PLUS tested?

We run a number of tests that include:Composition AnalysisTrace AnalysisContamination DetectionPurity AnalysisWe also send samples from various stages of each production cycle to independent 3rd party labs to ensure quality and potency.You can read more here

Is DiO PLUS safe under Ceramics

With caution., Same as magnetics.

How much CBD is in DiO PLUS

We don't release this information due to it's proprietary nature. CBD is only a part of our proprietary botanical blend. Remember more CBD isn't always better. In normal applications a horse's body will only absorb so much per application, meaning bigger numbers on bottles are not always a good thing.

Do You Use CBD Isolate?

Yes. We use CBD Isolate to ensure purity and Bioavailability. This also ensures no residual solvents will be in the product. This process give us all of the benefits of CBD and ZERO THC

Do You Grow and Extract Your Own CBD?

No. We trust industry experts to do this. We work exclusively with top tier growers and extractors to ensure both quality and consistency. Our competency lies in blending the ingredients for our blends, not producing them. We treat CBD the same as all of the other ingredients we use. We locally source everything and only use the highest quality ingredients possible.

Can I Use DiO PLUS on My Dog?

Yes. DiO PLUS is safe for use on all animals.

Do You Guarantee Your Products?

Yes. 100%. If your not happy let us know and we'll make it right. We'll work with you to find a solution that suites the situation. This can be replacement product, a full refund or even some consultation on how to best use our products. The best news is return freight is on us and if its been more than 30 days your still covered. We don't play those types of games, we want happy customers.